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New Year, New You! PDX Feb. 1, 2015

New Year, New You!

New Year, New You!’ is an event connecting you to the best ways to achieve optimal health and happiness in 2015!  Hear from a spectrum of Beauty, Health, & Fitness professionals about how you can be your better self, inside and out.  Make those resolutions count!

Presenters will be speaking and giving demonstrations for 20 minute time-slots followed by 10 minute Q&As.  Refreshments & light snacks will be provided.


Felicia Ferruzza Using Your Own Backyard Medicine for Healthy EatingOur lush surroundings are a generous resource for nourishment. During this talk, we will discover the use of backyard and Pacific NW medicinal weeds and herbs, as well Chinese medicinals to add to your cooking for healthy and simple eating!
Felicia Ferruzza, LAc | Alberta Healing Arts Center
Shelly Wagar Boosting Your Natural Healing Power with ShiatsuYour body possesses the innate ability to heal itself. Shiatsu aims to release physical, emotional, mental and spiritual tension-unlocking your natural healing power and giving you a boost of energy.  This bodywork is both relaxing and effective in relieving a variety of complaints. In this introductory workshop I will describe how shiatsu works, demonstrate what a typical treatment looks like, and share examples of how this form of bodywork can help you accomplish your personal self-care goals.
Shelly Wagar, LMT, LAc | Alberta Street Acupuncture Clinic
 Ivy Chuang Discovering the Most Nourishing Ingredients for Your SkinOur skin is our largest organ, and along with hair & nails, comprises our external presentation of beauty and health to the world. While many people are mindful of eating a healthy and balanced diet, they often neglect to make the same conscious choices for skin & bodycare.  This talk will be focused on listening to our bodies, and recognizing the need for varied forms of nourishment from diverse ingredients.  We’ll take a look at a variety of raw ingredients including herbs, essential oils, carrier oils, and body butters.
Ivy Chuang | Blendily
 Jennifer Stone Qigong for Daily Living“Qi” is our vital life force energy.  Qigong is the mindful aligning of one’s movement, awareness, and breath to balance and cultivate our “Qi”.  Practicing Qigong empowers one to connect deeper within themselves and encourages a feeling of physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  It boost the immune system, cleanses the internal body, and releases stress.  Qigong helps promote our natural state of contentment and joy, nourishes our health, and support us in our daily lives.
Jennifer Stone, LMT | Jen Stone Healing Arts
 Sophia Treyger F*CK SAD: Thriving through a Portland Winter with FoodWhat is SAD and how do you thrive during the darker, slower months of the year?  Respect the natural cycle of the seasons, your body, and mind by fueling with stimulating and invigorating foods that support you.  Learn through experience how your whole self is naturally inclined. The talk will be dynamic and engage the senses. There will be samples of food that rock during winter.
Sophia Treyger | Mindfoodness
 Debra Duquette Freeing Restrictions to Feel Better in Your BodyOur bodies are connected head to toe through a network of tissue known as fascia. How we use our bodies, trauma we experience and simply aging all take a toll. By freeing up restrictions and adhesions in this connective tissue matrix, we are able to bring better alignment to the body, ease of movement and pain-free living. Rolfing offers a recipe for reorganizing the body in gravity using hands-on techniques along with awareness and movement exercises. We’ll explore these elements in some simple exercises and I will offer a demo of this transformative bodywork.
Debra Duquette, LMT | Rose City Rolfing
 Julie Ruckman Low-Maintenance Stlying Tips for Every Hair TypeMake a commitment to give your hair loving attention this year, just a little goes a long way!  We will talk about-low maintenance care and styling for all hair types.  We’ll cover natural products and how they work, ways to deep condition at home, simple ways to dry, and style methods for curly, straight, short and long hair.
Julie Ruckman | Zuzu Organic Salon
 Chris Corcoran Staying Motivated and Consistent with a Fitness Routine that Works for You Everyone wants to live longer and feel better. Everyone wants to look better and improve their quality of life. With life as hectic as it can be, staying healthy & fit is obviously easier said and done. This talk will go over why it can be so challenging to initiate and be consistent with a fitness routine. I will give tips on how to overcome these obstacles to obtain your fitness goals.
Chris Corcoran | West Coast Fitness


If you are interested in attending but are experiencing financial hardship,please email, to inquire about volunteering in exchange for attendance.