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Blendily is Now Open!

Blendily Cosmetics Kitchen opened its doors inside the Alberta Studios Building this September. Owner Ivy Chuang, had been scouting for a location for a number of months before she found Suite 4 of Alberta Studios. It’s the perfect amount of space for her start-up venture. Ivy has been blending cosmetics in her home kitchen since 2012. What started out as curiosity and desire for simplicity developed into a quest to deliver truly fresh, handmade, and healthy cosmetics to others.

Ivy explains her inspiration, “You don’t order a salad in a restaurant, thinking that you’ll eat it 2 weeks later; but this is what we do when we buy lotion in the store and use it for the next year. The food industry has embraced a ‘farm-to-table’ philosophy. The cosmetics industry, on the other hand, is quite far off from a farm-to-face, farm-to-body mindset.  Hopefully, Blendily will be able to help bridge the gap.”

All of blendily’s products are handmade in small batches or custom made-to-order inside Suite 4 at Alberta Studios. The rotating menu features fresh, organic & wild ingredients, many gathered in Ivy’s garden, and in the NE Portland neighborhood. Blendily is currently looking for product testers! If you would like to be a product tester – send an email to