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Art Into Dusk – FALL 2014

Art Into Dusk Fall 2014

“Art Into Dusk” is a coordinated art event among galleries inside Alberta Studios and will showcase original work from local emerging artists.  The events will typically occur on Last Thursdays, but will have alternate dates on certain Holidays.   The title of the event is a simple reference to time of day, but also a nod to the notion that art lingers in our minds, just as light lingers as the sun sets.

The idea behind “Art Into Dusk” came to Ivy Chuang, owner of Blendily, when she opened her cosmetics kitchen store in the Alberta Studios building in September 2014.  From the onset of her store opening, she wanted to showcase local art on her studio walls.  Other businesses in her building also featured local art on a rotating basis, but the dates for artists’ receptions were not coordinated.  It made sense to connect-the-dots, creating one reoccurring event to celebrate local art in the Alberta Arts community.  Aligning gallery openings was one thing, but Ivy thought adding elements music, performance, and bringing in the diverse work of local makers & crafters would break the mold of traditional art gallery openings to create a more dynamic experience.  Her hope is that ‘Art Into Dusk’ events will be a platform to showcase & celebrate authentic art.

Due to Last Thursdays coinciding with Thanksgiving Day & Christmas Day this year.  Art Into Dusk will take place the 2nd to Last Thursdays in November & December.


Last Thursdays at Alberta Studios: Free | All Ages | 6-9pm


Thursday October 30, 2014

Gallery Artists:
Robert M. Plumb | AB/EX Organics
Oct. 18 – Nov. 17
iconic pigment painting inspired by nature
Robert Plumb Fine Art | Facebook
Blendily – Suite 4

Jo Lundberg | Artist Showcase
Oct. 6 – Nov. 17
Mixed Media Paintings
Zuzu Salon – Suite 3

Monica Arlt | Art After Death
Oct. 5 – Nov. 9
taxidermic sculptures
Monica Arlt
StuStuStudio – Suite 6

Performing Artists:

SubRosa Dance Collective | Dance Performance

Gobloots | Singer/Songwriter Musical Performance
GoBloots | Reverbnation

Whim | Singer/Songwriter Musical Performance
Whim Music | Band Camp

Visiting Artists/Artisans:

Masala Pop | Indian Spiced Popcorn

Thursday November 18, 2014

Gallery Artists:
Aoede Pando | Nourished
Nov. 18 – Jan. 4
pencil and ink illustrations inspired by food as medicine
Aoede Pando | Hart & Thorn
Blendily – Suite 4

Performing Artists:
Nathan Tillett | Basslines | DJ set

Special Event:
Illustrated Playing Cards 4-Year Anniversary

Thursday December 18, 2014

Gallery Artists:
Lucia Johnson | All New All Originals
Dec. 18, 2014 – Jan. 23, 2015
mixed media paintings
Blendily – Suite 4

Zuzu Salon Winter Group Show
Nov. 20, 2014 – Jan. 1, 2015
Jessie Jordan, Richard Moore, Carla Bartow, Jess LaPrade & Julie Ruckman.
ZuZu Salon – Suite 3

Performing Artists:
Dark Matter | Hand Pan musical performance
Dark Matter | Reverbnation

Nathan Tillett | Basslines | DJ Set